Greetings From the Pastor

As the pastor of Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our church. I have been the pastor of this beautiful congregation for over 3 years. I have been blessed to have my wife, First Lady Virda Lee, by my side the entire time. We love being a part of such a wonderful church. We are always excited to see new faces as well as a chance to help someone find God.

Here at Hickory Grove, we are more than just members of a church, we are family. Literally, this church was funded on family. Because of this, everyone who enters should feel like family as well.


Jerry Lee, Sr., Pastor

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Hickory Grove Then & Now

Early records prior to 1869, indicate that the beginning of Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church was on John Crawford Sr.’s property, presently 755 Crawford Road which is now the home of the late Mr. & Mrs. Bedford Crawford.  The building was approximately 30′ x 50′ with the sanctuary in the center and sunday school rooms on the side. The balcony was across the east end where the African American slaves of the community sat. Circa 1859, Mr. Crawford gave them land for their own church known as Hickory Grove M. B. Church. It was and still is located at 2517 East Tate Road in Coldwater, Mississippi. Not only was this the start of the church, but also a Hickory Grove school. The Hickory Grove school was located just next door to the church. The purpose of this school was to educate the children of our community from first to eighth grade. They both weren’t deeded until 1891. On April 6, 2003, the Hickory Grove church family moved next door to a newly constructed version of the church. The journey from 1859 to present has not been easy, but has certainly been rewarding!